General Forklift Spare Parts Like Seats and Tyres for Maintenance and Service Market

Product Details

Forklift seats

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• Fore/aft. adjustable scope:150mm.each space is 15mm

• The angle of the back cushion stepless adjustable range:8°

• Adjustable handrail and safety belt for options

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• Fore/aft.adjustable scope:100mm,each step:20mm

• The backrest can fold forwardly

• Safety belt is for option

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• Fore/aft.adjustable scope:120mm,each step:20mm

• The shock absorber can be adjusted according to the body's weight between 50-110kg


• Fore/aft.adjustable scope:150mm.Each step:15mm

• The backrest can fold forwardly

• The seat can turn forwardly

• Safety belt is for option


• Fore/aft. adjustable scope:150mm.Each step:15mm

• Safety belt is for option

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